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Here at ISYS® Case Management, we strive for excellence. We support innovative ideas and have a progressive business culture. With steady business growth and strong staff and customer retention, ISYS® has become a leading service provider and a sought after employer. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our employees across all departments say:

EMPLOYEE SURVEY, DECEMBER 2020 (78.5% Response Rate):

Percentage of Respondents who answered “Yes”:

Do you feel heard by your supervisor? (94.29%)
Do you feel hugged/supported by your supervisor/manager? (94.5%)
Have goals been communicated clearly? (95.4%)
Do you have the resources to do your job to a high degree of excellence? (93.4%)
Do you feel hugged by your colleagues? (88%)
Do you feel hugged by your organization? (97.90%)
Are you familiar with company values? (99.5%)
Do your personal values align with company values? (99.5%)

Our ISYS® Brand and Customer Service Standards inform hiring decisions. We value good character, integrity, professionalism, and work ethic.


The ISYS® philosophy of ‘hugging customers’ is practiced internally among colleagues and coworkers. ISYS® promotes the sharing of constructive feedback, mutual support, tolerance, and good humor.


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85% Year-Over-Year
Employee Retention Rate







Using skilled, credentialed and experienced Professionals, ISYS® offers creative and effective problem solving to meet your Case Management, Return-to-Work, and Education Services needs. To request more information on our services, please complete the form below:

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Injured Workers, Employers, Public Agencies, TPA’s and Insurance companies who we proudly serve.