Ergonomic Evaluations

Ergonomic Assessments (ERGOS) are designed to evaluate specific employee and work environment dynamics in order to improve long term worker health and safety.


When employees and employers adopt appropriate ergonomic practices, work-site injuries and related disabilities are reduced. Additionally, it is common to experience improvements in work productivity, quality and employee job enjoyment.


CAL-OSHA regulation 5110 under the California Labor Code, section 6357, notes the importance of implementing employer-based ergonomic programs which include work-site evaluations, the control of ergonomic (ERGO) hazards and employee education and training.


Some employers unwisely seek to avoid ergonomic (ERGO) work-site evaluations, fearing that costly work station changes will follow. Realistically, however, many work-site modifications can be accommodated at a nominal cost, if any.


In providing Ergonomic Evaluations (ERGO EVALS), skilled and experienced ISYS® professionals are also available to provide work-site training programs for employees and employers.


Job Analysis

The Job Analysis (JA) is designed to analyze the specific job performed by the employee at the time of injury/disability or to assess a modified or alternative job being offered to an injured or disabled employee.


Job Analyses (JAs) are best used to assist treating physicians in fully understanding the objectively determined requirements of a specific job so that the physician, employee and employer can make informed decisions about an employee’s ability to return-to-work (RTW).


ISYS® Job Analyses (JAs) conform to ADA standards (Americans with Disabilities Act) by accurately determining both the essential and non-essential functional requirements of a specific job.


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