Quality & Customer Service

met needs

94% of customers find Case Manager’s interventions meet their needs


84% of customers report case management benefited the claim


94% of customers would recommend or use ISYS® again for their future case management needs

Injured Workers

97% of injured workers say their Case Manager was knowledgeable and provided appropriate answers to questions

Injured Workers

95% of injured workers say that case management was beneficial to their claim

Injured Workers

97% of injured workers find communications and interventions meet their needs


met needs

100% of customers report being contacted within 24 hours of referral


95% of ISYS® customers say the frequency and method of contact with the Case Manager is “Just Right”

Injured Workers

92% of injured workers rated the frequency of contact with their case manager as “Just Right”

Source: ISYS® Survey Data, last 12 months, as of 12/1/2023

From Employers / TPAs / Insurers:

I want all our referrals to go to the Veteran’s non-profit 🙂. YAY – this makes me so happy! In fact, I am going to put this on one of my “thingys” for LBT that shows how we support organizations outside of LBT 🙂 YAY! this makes me so happy! Another reason to love ISYS even more than I did before 🙂.
OMGosh … literally, this makes my heart so happy!

“My case manager did a great job in moving this claim to resolution. The IW had a history of procrastinating and she was able to bring the claim to resolution.”

“My case manager handled the claim perfectly. She took to the needs of the injured worker and assisted with kindness. It was a pleasure working with her. It should be noted, I never had to ask for anything. was on top of the case once she was assigned.”

“My case manager has been assigned various claims from us. They have not been easy. This claim was no exception. I am always impressed with her demeanor, professionalism, knowledge and willingness to go above/beyond. She is truly a star in my book. When the need arises for Northern California NCM services, she is my first choice. I am a member this case manager’s fan club!!!”

“My case manager performed excellently throughout her being on the case. She was on top of tasks, updates were provided by her regularly and when she is out someone else was able to step in for her. It was a pleasure working with her on this complicated claim.”

“ISYS® is my first choice when it pertains to case management needs. Prompt, efficient, caring and helpful-the qualities I appreciate. ”

“Every experience I have had working with ISYS® has been pleasant with outstanding results. The Case Manager is always two steps ahead, which makes my job easier!”

“We needed direction from the medical provider and having the Nurse Case Manager present at the appointment gave us a lot of insight into the injury and treatment.”

“Our Employee was missing appointments or did not understand some of the doctor’s requests, so it was great to have a middle person helping him and us out.”

“I’ve always used ISYS®. You have excellent nurses and I love that they email me after every examination. It helps me and the employer.”

“The case manager was able to obtain medical notes and returned to work notes timely and had summary of what went on at every visit so I always had a current status of the claim. The nurse case manager made sure the claimant was on track with all of his appointments and made the processes easy to manage the claim from my side of things.”

“ISYS® case managers are easy to work with and always communicate well”

“Our ISYS® case managers thought outside of the box and went above and beyond to assist with getting the claimant what he needs that is WC related.”

“The claim involved a burn injury; lots of moving parts to coordinate. Having the case manager available so quickly after the injury helped a great deal, not only with medical updates, but as a contact person for the injured worker and his family.”

“I cannot say enough about this case manager…she is amazing, she is professional, caring, knowledgeable, and helpful. She is a true asset to ISYS®. I have only the highest regards for your team of professionals, everyone has been wonderful to work with.”

“Our ISYS® FCM obtained and maintained contact with a difficult hospital case manager. The necessary chart notes and state of condition was obtained daily assisting the claims team with claim reserves, communication with client /Municipal Department. Focused on communication through discharge. ”

“I do not usually complete these surveys but did want to complete this one. Your nurse case manager was by far the best field nurse case manager I have had on my cases. She was proactive and on top of the medical providers getting all the necessary information/reports needed and get the best treatment for the claimant’s. She was knowledgeable and professional. I wish I could have her on all my cases.”

“The employee was appreciative of the care. I very much appreciated the extra efforts our ISYS® case manager made on her behalf.”

“Our ISYS® Case Manager advocated for the Injured Worker along with partnering as a vital Return to Work team member…”

“I met with 3 ISYS® field case managers before placing assignments. All were highly effective and communicated promptly the needs of Injured Worker to me. Strong knowledge of work comp. Trusted members of the team. No negative impacts to the Injured Worker nor issues with complaints from employees. (excellent team of nurses)”

“The ISYS® case manager wrote great detailed update reports and was a huge help to us!”

“ISYS® was able to attain MMI status when the prior nurse case manager could not”

“Your case manager was able to secure VA records very quickly which showed pre-existing conditions that helped the resolution of this claim.”

“ISYS® was timely, informative & thorough”

“The IW was malingering and the case manager was able to get her back on track and discharged from care.”

“I always use ISYS® when possible and allowed by clients. I have always received great service from your company.”

“I would recommend ISYS® because the Nurse Case Managers are very professional and pleasant to work with. They get the work done that is needed to manage a claim successfully.”

“ISYS®’ Service is best over other NCM companies.”

“I have several cases with ISYS® and everyone has always been very professional and helpful.”

“Love the ISYS® NCM’s I work with”


“The case manager did an excellent job from the time the claim was referred and assigned to her. She was quick to respond, provide status updates and coordinate all treatment needs for the IW. It was reassuring knowing that even if I was not quick to reply back to her questions, she had the insight and initiative to proceed with the next indicated step-what a help that is. I appreciate all she did for the injured worker, for the employer…”

“The service provided was excellent! We had a transition of nurses that went seamlessly! Thank you for the awesome service!”

“Thank you for your assistance in achieving an excellent outcome on such a complex and challenging claim!”

“I have continued to receive excellent service from ISYS® and will continue to recommend to others”

“Pre-and-post-op went smoothly for this claimant because of the NCM assistance”

“Not only did the ISYS® case manager attend appointments and provide updates to me, she was instrumental in making sure procedures were authorized and made sure we kept moving forward. I also have to say that in a time of need for our injured worker, your case manager was always there…. and I think this was essential for the injured workers’ progress.”

From Injured workers:

“My case manager was awesome. She was the only reason I received any physical therapy. She was taken off my case too soon (I requested she stay). I wish she could have stayed longer. She was great at explaining what the doctor would say.”

“My case manager was very prompt and extremely helpful. I appreciated her walking through my case with me. She created the temporary relationship that made my injury a little less painful. Thank you!”

“My case manager was fantastic! My level of recovery would not be where it is without her help and advocacy. She helped with all healthcare needs.”

“My case manager was awesome, caring and sweet. It was a great experience to work with her. I never expected so much help and was very grateful for her help in this process.”

“My case manager was always attentive and knowledgeable. He helped me to ask the right questions to know I was heading down the right path to recovery.”

“My case manager was one of the kindest most patient people I have ever met… She explained everything wonderfully.”

“My ISYS® case manager explained all about the case management services right from the start”

“From the greeting to the explanation of her role, my case manager was very friendly and professional. I felt very well cared for and she made my experience easier to go through.”

What our employees have to say:

When I became a nurse, I wasn’t sure it was right for me. I spent several years trying to find my “place”. I knew that I’d found it when I found ISYS. My coworkers, supervisors, and upper management have all been so wonderful. I feel respected and valued. I feel like I make a difference… This job is the bomb, and I can picture myself staying with the company until I’m retired!

I love being trusted to use my nursing education and judgement, and my knowledge of the American medical industry to help people. I feel so valued when I can assess a situation and offer solutions that are put into action… I also love working for a family owned/run company, where employees matter.

I love working for a company that aspires to excellence and being able to work with cream-of-the-crop people. Feeling valued and respected as a nurse is something I never felt in the hospital setting like I do with ISYS. I love working for a family-run company with integrity, is completely generous, and has the best reputation. Of course, the flexibility, the ability to work from home and nice pay are great benefits of this role. And the ability to help change lives for the better is priceless.

I love getting to be part of such an amazing team, working together to make the world a better place. I love that, in my role as case manager, I have an opportunity every day to positively impact someone’s life during his/her recovery. I am proud to work within an organization that truly prides itself on “Always doing the right thing” and building a workforce of people “with big minds and big hearts, lots of spirit and good character.”

I have never worked for a company where I know in my heart that I am not seen as just “a number” but a real person, so working for such great people and being a part of the ISYS family has been a breath of fresh air and the piece of the puzzle I was missing in my career. I love being a nurse so being able to play such a huge role for our injured workers in their journey to recovery AND doing it for a company whose values are close to my core and align with my own is what I love most.

I think everyone has already said this but it is so TRUE: The family atmosphere. I have worked for several other companies and NEVER have I felt really like “family.” ISYS took a gamble on me and I am so forever grateful they did. They supported me at my lowest low and that is what family is all about. Thank you ISYS for loving me!!!

I really like the flexibility in schedule, independence, and the ability to work at home… I feel as long as I can deliver the “Best in Class” product to the customer and work within ISYS guidelines, I’m free to use my skills and experiences in a very independent way. The excellent compensation has allowed me to send my son to… private school.

…What I enjoy MOST about working for ISYS is working for a company where their values and mission match my personal values and beliefs and that we have a team of people who help each other provide an amazing product. That is a rare, priceless thing to find.

I’ve been treated extremely well at ISYS… I can honestly say all of my interactions with the people of ISYS have been very good. It’s a great fit for me at this stage of my life and it provides me and my family a wonderful stability we’ve benefitted greatly from.

I love being able to work with such a great team….Working with ISYS has brought me out of my comfort zone and has helped me be more confident in what I do. I love the message the company portrays, and it truly feels like we’re all one big family.

I like working with the team and helping the company meet its goals. The family atmosphere is alive and well and that is a lot different from other companies. I also like seeing the company dogs around the office!

The thing I like most about my role with ISYS is the people I work with. I’ve never worked with such dedicated individuals that also care about their fellow employee’s wellbeing. The unique thing about this company is the kind of family environment that they’ve achieved while staying professional. I know I’m not the only one that enjoys coming to work each day.

I love the support… I feel so supported and encouraged to grow and learn from EVERYONE. It is such an amazing feeling to work with a group of people who genuinely care about your success and cheer you on the whole way.

I love the environment and the support we have at each level for leadership and our team members. Being part of a company that truly cares about the wellbeing and growth of its employees is refreshing and very reassuring…

I am grateful to work in an environment that is so warm and welcoming. ISYS allows me to have autonomy, and yet assistance and support as soon as I need it. I enjoy being able to pick the minds of my colleagues without the presence of unhealthy competition. I love that ISYS encourages and provides opportunities for professional growth and development.

…I love that every day is different and the autonomy of the job. I love working for ISYS. It is the most generous company I have ever worked for!

● California (CA)
– Case Management coverage statewide including Los Angeles (LA), Orange County (OC), Riverside (RIV), San Diego (SD), Sacramento (Sac), San Francisco (SF), Fresno/Central Valley and all other regions throughout the state

● Nevada (NV)
– Case Management coverage statewide including Las Vegas (LV), Reno, Washoe County, and all other regions throughout the state

● Arizona (AZ)
– Case Management coverage statewide including Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Lake Havasu, Grand Canyon, and all other regions throughout the state

● New Mexico (NM)
– Case Management coverage statewide including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Roswell, Farmington, Hobbs, and all other regions throughout the state

● Texas (TX)
– Case Management coverage statewide including Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, El Paso, McAllen, Fort Worth, and all other regions throughout the state