One of ISYS’ values is to “Embrace the Family Spirit”. This is about embedding the spirit of family into the way we do business and it’s about the good people that come together here to make us a work-family.

Our family spirit often extends beyond the ISYS doors into the community and sometimes it comes back to us in the form of getting to be a part of the personal lives of our employees and those we serve.  In our 25 years in business, many of us have grown our personal families and have enjoyed being able to celebrate our milestones with our ISYS work-family.

This graduation season, we are celebrating one of the first babies born to an ISYS colleague. The son of Kerry Hennessy, Manager, Customer Relations, Ryan, was called, “our First ISYS baby”. Fast forward 18 years and Ryan has become an accomplished student and athlete. We got to hire him for an internship this past year, and he was a pleasure to work with. We were so pleased to see that recently as a part of his senior year presentation, he chose to share about his internship at ISYS.

Now that Ryan has officially graduated, he is heading off to college.

So we want to say, “Congratulations, First ISYS baby”!

Ryan, what a privilege it has been to be a part of your first 18 years and to have you in our extended family. We wish you continued success. 😊


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