One of the most rewarding things that an organization can do is to play a part in helping employees fulfill career goals.  When ISYS can touch the lives of colleagues for the long term, it’s extremely rewarding.

Our long-time ISYS family members are the heart of what we do. Lasting, mutually supportive relationships are a large part of what makes work fulfilling. It’s part of why ISYS is here, to connect good people and do good things together.

We recently had the pleasure of honoring one of our good people. Long-time ISYS Case Manager, Linda D. has been in the ISYS work-family for 13 years.

Several months ago, Linda shared her plan for upcoming retirement. While we were saddened by the news, we were happy for her to pursue her retirement dreams and thankful to her for letting us know her plans far in advance so we could all prepare.

We enjoyed sending Linda off with a dinner celebration and gift to use towards the travel she plans to do with her husband now that she’s retired. (Linda is center in the picture with the crown 😊)

During her many years as an ISYS Case Manager, Linda had many success stories with injured workers and customers. As a colleague and a person, she is someone of outstanding character, who has continued to impress us with her humility, honesty, loyalty, generosity, and professionalism. Her contributions will continue to impact the lives of those she has served and worked with, and she will be missed by all here.

We remain proud that Linda chose to devote 13 years to ISYS and send her warm wishes as she embarks on this next stage in her journey.


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