2023 marks ISYS Solution’s 25th Year as the premier provider of nurse case management.

To celebrate our 25 years of service demonstrating our value of excellence,  ISYS hosted a company-wide gathering at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. It was a blast getting everyone together from our various geographies and acknowledging all the accomplishments we are so proud of and all the individuals that have been such an important part of our success story.

We started the gathering with lunch and some presentations in the Grammy Museum’s theatre. One of our long-time customers came as a guest speaker to share about his experiences and the value of case management from the worker’s compensation carrier perspective. He gave us valuable insight and affirmed how valuable our special kind of ISYS case management is in servicing claims. We then had one of our previously injured workers, a former firefighter, join us as a guest speaker. He amazed us with a moving story of recovery from a serious accident as a firefighter.  He shared about his challenges in a way that moved many of us to tears and we were so impressed by the courage he displayed. He also spoke to the power and impact that our nurse case management had in his recovery, and we were so humbled and grateful to have him join us.

After our impactful guest speakers, we had volunteers from our group who shared about our company values and times when they’ve lived those values or seen them in action. It was inspiring hearing from so many who align and uphold the ISYS values so well. To close the daytime theater portion of our event, we had a keynote motivational speaker/comedian join us. He got us laughing and moving around with some fun interactive activities and jokes, and some of us got up on stage too. It was a good time together, and the light-hearted entertainment helped us relax before the evening social portion of our gathering.

We then took a break before dinner and were able to privately tour the Grammy Museum at our own pace and see all the exhibits, which were interesting and engaging.

Later we met back up on the rooftop, with views of Los Angeles that we were able to enjoy despite colder weather. (Thankfully, we had heat lamps and a weather flap barrier for our dinner seating). The lively music and karaoke also helped us warm up a bit. It was impressive how many talented singers we have!  There was also a fun photo booth, and everyone took so many great and some hilarious photos together. Between the entertainment, dinner,  annual awards, and updates it was a full evening, and a spirited and memorable event.

ISYS truly feels 25 years strong, and our humble but mighty team coming together to celebrate reminded us of how connected we are.  ISYS has proudly stayed true to our values and goals as an organization. Our priority remains keeping our commitments to ourselves, our team, and those we serve.

We appreciate all who gathered to celebrate our 25 years, to be an organization of so many outstanding individuals is what makes our success story so rewarding. What a special time for us and all of us that are a part of the ISYS and CareerSmart work family.

Here’s to 25 years and many more! Thank you! 😊


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