This past January, ISYS’ Texas Customer Relations Coordinator, Trent Bowles, became the Vice Chair for the Young Risk Professionals (YRP) Austin Chapter.

Founded in 2013 by young professionals within the risk and insurance industries, YRP is a national association whose mission is to “IMPACT the next generation of leadership within our industry through networking, mentoring and education”. YRP helps to connect professionals with valuable resources to help them establish and develop their careers and knowledge base.

ISYS is excited that Trent is providing leadership to the Austin, Texas Chapter of YRP, helping to bring people in our industry together by creating opportunities, both for professionals to be mentored and to provide mentoring. Through YRP everyone can learn from each other’s experiences at any level they choose or need. While in this role, Trent is playing an instrumental part in creating networking gatherings, mentoring new members, and setting up educational events.

Trent, this achievement, and your service makes ISYS proud. Thank you for setting an example for other young professionals. 😊


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