During this past month, ISYS had the privilege of gathering in regional meetings and dinners to celebrate our outstanding ISYS Case Managers.

In the afternoons we met on important updates and reminders and in the evenings, we honored our annual award recipients for their excellent performance.

Being a mostly remote based organization, it is special when we are in-person like this, and it’s heartwarming to see how much our ISYS family enjoys and appreciates each other’s company.

For these types of events, ISYS’ Human Resources Department carefully selects locations that are conducive to our needs and that also offer some level of ambiance or entertainment. Whether we choose a beachfront resort, hotel in the city, a rural winery, or rooftop in the desert, no matter where we meet up,  the best part is being together and socializing.

When we gather like this everyone has the option to stay overnight.  Our event nights are often capped with several of us staying late to talk and laugh. One of our recent gatherings even ended with some spontaneous karaoke fun! Another turned into a relaxing weekend when some of us stayed and hung out by the pool the next day. However we come together, we always make lasting memories and connections.

Thank you to our case managers and the leadership team for your participation in these recent gatherings . Special shout-out to our human resources department for all their efforts in making sure these events were a success.

It was wonderful being together again with our ISYS case managers and celebrating the great work they do!

Looking forward to next time! 😊


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